Friday, July 09, 2010

Turbo Fire (Week Two Rundown)

I am mid way through week two of the Turbo Fire program and now I have a solid handle on the routines and workouts that I have done so far. Once you become familiar with the sets you can focus on the moves, jumping higher and going deeper into the lunges. It didn't take me long to recognize the structure of the DVD's titles and know the number is a rough estimate to the length of the workout. Those starting with HIIT will be all high intensity interval training, FIRE workouts are mostly cardio with a dusting of HIIT training. Stretch 10 is a sweet little stretching routine done after most of the workouts and something to look forward to as a nice cool down as well as stretch. I really enjoyed stretch 40 for its yoga styled stretching and it incorporates some newer moves that I really enjoy. Core20 is an ab workout with bands, initially I thought the bands would offer assistance with the crunches but I it was a completely different challenging ab workout. In the first two weeks I have done Fire30, Fire55, Fire45, HIIT15, HIIT20, Core20, Stretch 10 and Stretch40 and yesterday for the first time I did Sculpt 30.

Sculpt 30 starts out with a quick few shoulder rolls then a squatting warm up routine before jumping into the workout. Chalean uses bands to create tension and challenges the muscles, it was a new way to hit the muscles for me as I have always lifted with weights. Working with bands will take me a bit of time to get used to but find that they do provide a burn and hit the muscles differently than a free weight. The band combos work muscle groups together starting with glutes, triceps and delts moving to biceps, back and legs with the last group being chest and abs. Overall this is a great workout for the amount time you have to complete it. If you are new to sculpting and toning this is a great beginning or intro to this type of program as you work full body in 25 minutes. I do get a burn out of the workout but I am doing a P90X/Turbo Fire combo so my weighted workouts have a lot more detail to each bodypart.

As far as my results and if the HIIT training is working, I would say certainly it is as I have noticed a lot more definition in my legs. I am not the only person who has noticed that the subcutaneous fat is being burned out of my legs as my husband said my hamstrings were really starting to show. Previous to doing this style of working out my legs were always the place were my body stored fat and my calves and ankles were large and had no definition at all. Right now I can actually start to see the calf muscle showing through for the first time in my life. My quads are also leaning out nicely and evidence of the thinning of the skin is showing there as well with muscle showing underneath the skin.

I have been on vacation this week and due to that haven't had as much opportunity to stay as rock solid to my nutrition plan as I typically would. The high heat and humidity in our region also interferes with how I would typically cook meals as it is just too hot to cook in the house. I know next week will give me some incredible results based on what I have seen in the last two weeks with this program and with my return to a more structured nutrition plan.

As far as calorie burn, I have been looking around for answers on that as I don't wear a calorie tracking device when working out and only track my heart rate. So far I have heard people reporting numbers that look like this..

185 calories with Hiit 15 (15 minute workout)
195 calories with Hiit 20 (20 minute workout)
435 with Fire 30 (30 minute workout)
655 with Fire 45 (45 minute workout)
710 calories with Fire 55 EZ (One hour workout)

Of course calorie burn is a variable based on intensity of your workouts and body composition so these numbers will vary. Also, there are people who are reporting burns at a much high number than I have had listed here but these are average of the majority of what I have found from people who are wearing body buggs.. Overall I love these workouts and while the HIIT workouts are certainly a challenge and you know you are working out but they are quick and over before you know it, the Fire workouts are equally challenging and due to the length of time you really are getting an excellent workout in with them as well.

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Ruby said...

Love your blog. I wanted to know if the Turbo Fire program bothered your knees at all.
thanks in advance.

J J said...

Thanks for the positive feed back on my blog, that is much appreciated.

I have been doing Turbo Fire a lot and really haven't had issues with my knees. I do try to keep a conscious eye on my knees to be sure I am not extending them beyond my toes. I know many people that have said that even with knee issues they are able to do the program but modify it accordingly.

If you want to watch the teaser video for the program I have it posted here

Ruby said...

Thanks so much!!!