Thursday, July 22, 2010

Turbo Fire (Week Three - Fire 45 EZ)

I am just now finishing up my fourth week of Turbo Fire and wanted to share a few thoughts about the program and what I am doing. The last time I wrote about the workouts I was mid way through week two and getting a really good feel for the programs and routines. The third week has three new workouts , the first being Fire 45 EZ, second is Tone 30 and the last is HIIT 25, I was excited to explore these new DVD's.  In this post I will go over Fire 45 EZ, my next post will be HIIT 25 and Tone 30. 

I pop in the Fire 45 EZ DVD with the assumption that EZ would be the operative, WRONG, it was another heart pounding workout. Again the workouts starts out with the now familiar shoulder rolls, punch, jab, hook, upper cut routine using a four count that is timed very well to the music. Chalene also uses a lot of standing ab crunches in the form of marching knee ups that are fun and upbeat to do. I love how Chalene incorporates a bit freestyle dance in to the warm up so you can get down with your bad self.. After the warm ups come ballistic stretching and you are off to the first series of moves.

This is started on the right with jab, cross, hook up then two knees go first, she then adds on a dancy front side punch and running man in this routine; repeat 4 or 5 times; then switch up to punching with the right four times then to punching to the left four times, crosses, zig zag, up/down then speed bags and is repeated 4 or 5 times. As I am doing the routine I can feel the burn rolling through my body and I am certainly feeling it.. We have worked the right and now it switches over to the same routines with a left lead, while there is repeating I am not getting bored as the music is really fun and fast paced, time just flies through the sets.

The next routine starts with a skiing/knee up, step right to roundhouse left repeated then alternating hi low punches, next is kick front and back. After each add on you run the new routine a couple time and another new move is added on, this gives time to learn the added steps well. The next routine is front back kicks you do a jab knee and throw move, I just really groove to this one, crosses next to speed bag and this is repeated, the whole process starts over when you do these two sets on the left lead.

As soon as one set ends the next one begins with double bob knee crosses that lead to bob knee cross then uppers, next two alternating front kicks one back and a side knee push this repeats.. Next alternating knees and jacks and repeat that for a bit. After this it is a shoulder brush off with a speed bag jack, four alternating front heal steps with four high knees. This is a catching little dance step that is repeat 4 or 5 times then the double bob routine restarts but on the left lead this time and then you do the shoulder brush off, speed bag jack, front heal move again with the left lead.

The last routine is upper cuts followed by pumps, you then move sideways with the pumps which then becomes a jab series that goes front to side in four jabs to step upper cuts finished by two knees. After that is repeated multiple times you do hi lows then speed bags right left then jab cross jab jab and side steps. Of course now the whole thing restarts on the left lead and you are now approaching the last legs of the workouts.

The finally is four crosses right left followed by a jack then one two cross knee to twist front punch then twist side punches that repeats the you add on two knees. The same routine is done on the left side and by now you are a ball of sweat as you don't have those HIIT cool downs anywhere and this is solid cardio from start to finish. When the cool down comes you are happy to do the jab, cross, hook, upper cut cool down routine which then is followed by a nice series of stretches.

This is a great workout and I look forward to popping this in the DVD player and yet I am still very timid starting out as I know I am in for it as soon as I push play. I know that I am getting stronger and growing my cardio vascular strength as I am able to power through these workouts without feeling like I was gasping to catch my breath. I hope to get some photo updates this weekend to show off my new definition as I am seeing my abs return and really enjoying the further leaning of the tops of my thighs.. Overall I am very happy with the purchase of this program and can't wait to see what my future holds.

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