Saturday, December 10, 2005

David and I did Santa Night last night and had a wonderful time. Everyone gathered for the night's festivities at a secret coven well hidden behind the stratigically placed 18 wheeler trailer. A great buffet by Sneaker's will give the caroling group a good base considering that we had all the libations from Farrell Dist were needed to make the carolers cheery well into the night!!!! Well almost, bus number one had to make a quick pit stop at Jolly Mart on Shelburne Road to fill the body sized cooler. Our first stop was to the Respite House for a solumn Silent Night and Jingle Bells, many tears were shed during this humbling occasion. The buses were plush and warm and Roger was a delight, Thank you to Premier Coach for the wonderful smooth ride. The two groups split off and we headed to the Pour House for our first stop.

More later on this subject..

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