Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12x12's

Dear Chad,  I look forward to the 12 of the month and love your idea about sharing a part of your day.   To see more 12 of 12's go to Chad Darnell's site

The bags sit ready and waiting for their return trip home.

Because Gwyn said to just take photos of your day, including your shoes if that is all you have.

Yes it is a selectric..

The Vermont Life calendar has a nice photo for the month of October

This is the hall that I walk over and over again.
Time for a little more water, I try to get 3 or 4 of these in a day.

I have always disliked stopping for gas, the red light is just a warning to stop procrastinating.
Every morning a mug awaits. 
I found this item full of washers in the bottom a box of junk
Now that cooler weather is upon us this will be my winter ride. 

Oh and last but not least..  I am getting close to 13" for my bicep, not to shabby...


TuxBaby said...

Hey- I just submitted mine right after yours! :-)

What is that- 13in. biceps?? Awesome!

I could really go for having that fall Vermont pic as my screen's desktop. OMG, that is gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing a peek into your world today! :-)


Sunny Archibald said...

I'm loving the red bag and red shoes!

TJ said...

Thanks for sharing your 12 of 12 photos. Does that typewriter still work. I haven't seen one of those in one to many years which actually really dates me. Anyway, thanks again for sharing and take care...

leannwoo said...

Love the shoes and the bag! Red is sooo sexy! ;)

Dogeared said...

Given I'm a sucker for autumn leaf photos, I think I'd love living in New England for those few months each year!