Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Road to Kauai

I finished up my last round of P90X the week after Christmas, I love that program. We are preparing for vacation in a few weeks to Kauai for a corporate trip with my hubby's company. If the timing were right I would have been able to attend the Beachbody coaches conference, unfortunately it isn't so. I wanted to do the last Tony Horton fitness camp in Phoenix this month but the Hawaii trip overlaps. I think the stars are against me as I will be in Chicago two days after the road tour meets there. If I didn't know better I would think Carl Daikler is planning things to be sure I am not available.. (JK, as we haven't met at all) Eventually I hope to meet up with some of the fine folks from Beachbody and thank them for some wonderful products. I will be in LA in February but I don't think they would approve of me just dropping by without an invitation, Tony would think I was a stalker if I hung out in Santa Monica waiting for him to do a beach workout.

One of my family's favorite products is the recovery drink, that stuff is delish isn't it. I tend to drink my water at the beginning of my workouts but towards the end when my energy is low I mix that in and power through. The P90X bars, peanut butter chocolate is my favorite and I always have one in my purse for emergencies. My husband likes the Cafe Mocha, we did like the wildberry but the new yogurt coating gives it a sweet aftertaste, sorry BB but that isn't for me (I don't have much sugar so I am sensitive to sweet tastes), I liked the chocolate coating much better.

We have shakeology both in bulk bags and single serve packets to use, it helps keep our nutrition up when we are away from home or too busy to prepare something in a pinch. Actually, when we travel those individual packets come in handy. When we are on vacation one of the biggest issues is keeping fueled without spending a ton of money. I have had many people comment on the cost of shakeology but at four dollars a serving it is very reasonable to me. I am not a fast food eater so any type of dollar meal is off my radar and eating in a restaurant while traveling will be well over ten dollars per person easily. So while it seems like Shakeology is expensive, at the register, when you break it down it is actually very reasonably priced. We always pack bars in our travel bag and now we pack Shakeology single serve packets. Not only is it a meal replacement but with the added bonus of being a great way to get vitamins and minerals too.

So that is where I am right now and my workout routine is still going strong. I am lifting with the P90X DVD's every other day, using Turbo Jam for Cardio and Brazilian Butt Lift on leg days combined with the leg lifts from Legs and BackX. My ab workouts are a combination of all the wonderful DVD products I own. Hey Tony you talk about variation, I think I have that down for this rotation..

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