Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hawaii Trip (Day 4) Video Tour of the Grand Hyatt Grounds

After our first morning we took a walking tour of the Grand Hyatt grounds.  This is a just a brief glimpse of the salt water lagoon area in the foreground with the resort in the distance.  The next video is more of a panoramic view standing between the salt water lagoon and the ocean, 360 degree view. 

This video is shorter as I walk closer to the Tide Pool Restaurant but gives a nice framed view over the salt water lagoon towards the Makawehi Cliff .

Of course the tour would not be complete without the view from our room.  This was the best location of them all as I detailed in my earlier post.  The ocean in the distance, swan and koi pool below us and garden after garden of loveliness all around. 

I have more to offer, this is one installment of many as we also have video of the pool area and gardens to share.

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