Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Snippets

  • Compared to cereals marketed to adults, those marketed to children have 85% more sugar, 65% less fiber, and 60% more sodium. (Via: Cereal Facts
  • YoYo dieting and sugar binging studies have shown in animal models that cycling between periods of eating sweet and regular-tasting food can activate the brain's stress system and generate overeating, anxiety, and withdrawal-like symptoms. (The Scripps Research Institute Via: The Medical News )
  • Shocking calorie report: 1,440 = number of calories in Olive Garden's Chicken Alfredo.  It would take a 185 lb male 2 hours of circuit training to burn off that one meal.

  • Concerned about the safety of your family and pets playing on your lawn after spreading fertilizers.  Worry no more and still get a beautiful lawn with corn gluten.  An accident in 1986 led researchers at Iowa State University to discover that corn gluten meal possesses the ability to prevent seed germination then acts as a fertilizer as it breaks down greening up your yard.  (Via: NCAP
  • Compost is the building block of the organic garden and can be made right in your back yard with materials you might be paying your garbage hauler to take away.  Start making yours today by following these simple steps.  (Via: Organic Gardening )
  • Interesting in organic but you are afraid you don't have the time or space available.  Patio planters are the perfect way to introduce yourself to the process in a smaller controlled environment. (Via: EasyOrganicGardening )

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