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Does P90X really work? (Via The Examiner)

You've seen it on TV.  You've thought about buying it.  But there's no way it can work, you tell yourself, it's just another silly infomercial.

Or is it?

Rick Kerley, a P90X "graduate", says, "It's the most complete system out there, combining strength training, core training, cardio, and yoga/stretching for recovery."

The concept behind P90X is "muscle confusion", which constantly introduces new moves and routines so there's never a plateau.  The program consists of 12 DVD's, a 3 phase nutrition plan, and a detailed fitness guide.

One day you could be working your shoulders and arms and the next you could be doing yoga or plyometrics (jump training). With that many routines the monotony is gone.

Mike French, also a P90X grad, says, "not only is P90X the best workout around, but it organizes fitness and makes it simple. Not easy, but simple."

That's true. Saying it's easy would be an understatement. Just to give you an idea, disc one (Chest & Back) is nothing but push-ups and pull-ups.

Have you tried to do a pull-up lately? Ever see anyone in the gym doing them? And why is that? Because they're hard as hell, that's why.

Rick and Mike do more than 100 during the Chest & Back workout, and then do dozens more a few days later for the Legs & Back DVD.

In 90 days, Rick lost 24 lbs. and 10% of his body fat, while Mike lost 44 lbs. and 12% of his body fat.

The "simple" part comes in to play with the P90X Nutrition Guide. Rick says he was always a "meat and potato" guy. "My diet had to change for me to be successful. I literally threw out all the bad stuff in my house and created shopping lists directly from the Guide."

Mike seconds that opinion. He dropped soda and junk food from his diet and now has three meals and two snacks a day. He eats lean protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, which are mapped out for him by P90X. "I have added years to my life through nutrition," he says.

Okay, you say to yourself, but what about when the 90 days are up? Do I go back to the same old me?

Not according to Rick, who says P90X has three different forms; Classic, Lean (which has more cardio), and Doubles (which uses two workouts a day). There's also an "add-on" program called P90X+, which adds five new workouts. That was the route Rick took for his second round, where he lost an additional 16 lbs. and another 6% of his body fat. And he's kept the weight off for two years.

Mike's kept his weight off for three years, both by doing several rounds of P90X and also by incorporating other at-home workouts from Beachbody (the company that produces P90X).

P90X costs about $120 and Rick says it's worth every penny. He was six months removed from a heart attack and had just received a heart stent when he discovered P90X. He says it's the best gift he could've given to himself and to his family.

For Mike and his wife Tami (another P90X fanatic), P90X is almost essential. Their closest gym is forty-five minutes away and they have four small kids under foot. "In-home workouts allow you to workout on your own schedule," Mike says. "All you need to do is put the DVD in and push play."

Sounds pretty good, you say to yourself. Now where's the phone so I can order P90X?

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Great blog and information!
I also did the program and lost 3% body fat and 7lbs.

As an Examiner myself, I would highly agree with Mike. Just click that link and order it to get started and see results!

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