Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turbo Fire: The Beginning, Starting with the "The 5-day inferno plan"

I had been waiting for Turbo Fire to be released for a long time, as the time drew closer I found myself counting down the days. Imagine my surprise when an email stated that the release was going to be on the 16th of June, a full two days earlier. I immediately jumped online and placed my order with express shipping, this was exciting. I tracked the package across the country with anticipation, the sound of the UPS truck coming to a slow stop outside my home made me smile, I knew my time had come..

The box was there when I opened the door, even the shipping box was hot, they really pulled out the details with this one. I took it all in as I slid open the box and saw the contents, I knew I couldn't wait, hurriedly I took a few photos then raced upstairs to change and prepare to feel the burn.

Along with the program books they have a 5 day Inferno plan touting the line "Get hot for the weekend," oh yeah that was for me. Inside on the first page I see that this is the cleanser plan intended to "fast track your metabolism into Turbo Fire mode" and speed start your weight loss. This 5 day program isn't intended to last more than 5 days and once it is over you should switch to the regular workout schedule to keep the after burning effects rolling.

The eating plan for the 5 days is really well laid out, first you should calculate your energy needs and adjust accordingly but otherwise it is a nice looking plan right along my eating style. Breakfast and lunch run around 250 calories each, dinner is 350 calories and two snacks that are between 145 to 200 calories. The calories range around 1200 daily, that is lower than I typically go but if I want to let go of some bodyfat then I will follow the plan. The only thing I need to focus on is drinking less coffee daily so I will keep it to one cup. I don't drink alcohol so that is easy for me otherwise that should be eliminated for anyone that does drink. One thing you can and should do is drink lots of water, plus they recommend refueling after a workout with P90X recovery drink, which I absolutely love, no problem with that. The daily nutrition also includes shakeology, another of my daily indulgences that I will be happy to continue with, so far so good..

Of course just like the start of any plan is the personal photos then the measurements came next, now for my first workout. I have to admit I was a bit nervous the first time but I think over all I did rather well.

Day one was Fire 55 EZ starts off with some familiar Turbo style warm ups, twists, hi lows, punches, jabs, side steps and the like then it moves on to some more challenging maneuvers which continue in intensity choreographed with some great music. Just about 15 to 20 minutes into the Turbo the serious HIIT training starts with one minute of intense drills followed by a one minute cool down, this repeats for a set number of times.. The drills go by faster than you think and I worked up a good sweat, before you know it the cool down exercises will be upon you.

Day two was HIIT 20, the warm up was nice and quickly moved into the cardio HIIT moves, I was glad it was a cool morning as the breeze was much needed. This workout has sumo, burpees, squats, high knees and sumo touch with a few squat jumps. The HIIT training increased with around 7 drills in 45 second intervals, Chalene mentions this workout gives a nice afterburn and I felt it for most of the morning.. Next was Fire 45 and I jumped right in without the tutoring with the EZ plan. I really enjoyed the music and the moves with this workout, the choreography is great and love the combos in the first 20 minutes of heat-er-up cardio. The fire drills are next and do not disappoint, so far the drills have been different for each workout, nice as it keeps you thinking. I have been asked about the jumping required in this program, while there are a few jump moves I wouldn't say it is loaded with them but does have a nice mix. I am not fond of the jump moves so I was very happy to see that this hasn't been loaded so far.. I will keep you updated as each day progresses..

For more information on Turbo Fire or to check out pricing click here:  Turbo Fire


leannwoo said...

Ok, you have officially gotten me even more excited...is that possible? I have a little over three months until I go to Vegas! This is being purchased ASAP!

Connie said...

AWESOME!!! I love your blog and more what you just posted about Turbo Fire!!! I know I am gonna be in love of this program. Thank you for sending me your link, I will be here everyday and getting motivated by you :...Have an awesome day! Love ya!


Dana said...

I've been doing Turbo Fire for a month and I absolutely love it! I look forward to it and recently posted 1 month result pictures on my blog. It's definitely a challenging workout, but totally worth it when you're done!