Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turbo Fire

Last week I did the Turbo Fire 5 day inferno plan and loved the routines that Chalene has laid out for this program. I found that I looked and felt leaner by the end of the 5 days and lost 3.5 lbs. Of course we were getting ready to attend Super Saturday down in Boston, which was with Tony Horton. We would do two workouts; yoga and cardio/fitness they both were very intense. Also had two lectures one from Missy Costello on nutrition and the other from Tony Horton on the eleven laws of fitness. I can say that the is a wonderful motivational speaker, funny and personable.. but I digress...

Yesterday was my first day with the Chalene program and I intend to go through the regular rotation to see how it plays out. I do still want to lift weights and this is my rest week from P90X as I just finished my last week of my 5th round. Next week I will incorporate the lifting program which will require me to double up my workouts on a few days.

I did Fire30 and Stretch 10 for my workout and found that the moves are getting a little easier as I become familiar with Chalene's style. At first I had to really think about what I was doing which made it more of a challenge. Now that I have learned the technique I can focus on getting the job done and having fun with the moves themselves. The warm-ups for Fire30 are the same as with Fire55EZ, with the front jabs the bobs, side punches 4 times and doubles, then 4 punches then 2 doubles continues with each punch ie: jab, cross, hook and uppercut. This workout is just over 30 minutes of turbo moves with two HIIT sessions, as always the heart rate is up there and I am sweating bullets.. I am finding that the Turbo cardio moves are very motivating and Chalene's queing very easy to follow, so far I have really enjoyed the 3 DVD workouts I have done and looking forward to discovering the rest.

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