Thursday, July 01, 2010

HIIT 15: A Turbo Fire workout

HIIT training or High Intensity Interval Training is the cornerstone of the Turbo Fire program that was just released from Beachbody. I am in my first week of the full schedule of this program and Tuesday I did HIIT 15, it was a quick heart pounding workout that starts out with a warmup of squat touches but due to its shorter running time of 22 minutes you jump right into the fire drills.

The first fire drill consists of squat jacks, lunge touches, jacks and air jacks for 45 second with a 30 second cool down, this drill is repeated three times..

The second fire drill is jacks, high knees, lunge touches and mary katherines again for 45 seconds with a 30 second cool down and repeats twice.

The third and last series of drills are jacks, high knees, out and in jacks and air jacks again for 45 seconds with 30 seconds rest and repeats three times...

The amazing thing about this DVD is it sounds a bit intimidating going in but the 45 seconds go by so quickly that it is over before you know it and then you get those 30 seconds in between. I get my heart rate up there and sweat like a banchee but don't feel I am out of control. This is totally doable by me so far and still enjoying it..

Today I am doing Fire 30 I will get back to you later with my thoughts on that as the cardio routines don't give you those 30 second rest breaks and really work you out..

For more information on Turbo Fire or to check out pricing click here:  Turbo Fire

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