Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fitness and Me: How I am reaching my goals one day at a time.

 I am in week 16 of Turbo Fire and loving every minute of it.  I have a new focus on my physical self.  I used to use a scar on my right hip as a guide to tell me how I was coming along with my fat loss.  At this time I am looking at the definition of my quads to let me know how my fitness is improving.   I have always carried a lot of weight on my lower body but ever since starting Turbo Fire my legs look stronger and leaner.  This, I am sure, is due in part to the Turbo Fire but also how my husband and I start each and every day.

Morning is my time to workout, one thing I love about working out then is that no matter what happens to the rest of my day I know I have taken care of me.  Recently a friend emailed me that their spouse has had tremendous success with their workout plan but they were struggling.  One of the reasons they gave was a common one, they took care of everyone else during their day and never made time for themselves, they didn't feel they were worth it.  I relayed a story to them about air travel and how the stewardesses explains that in case of an emergency the oxygen masks drops then they advise you to put your oxygen mask on first before tending to those around you.  This isn't an act of being selfish but instead it makes you stronger and healthier to care for others.  Fitness is much like that oxygen mask, you have to care for yourself and love yourself enough  in order to make yourself healthy and strong enough to care for others, but I digress.

Each morning, as I am working out, I hear our blender whirring away in the distance, that is the sound of my husband blending up our daily supply of shakeology.  We can use either the greenberry or the chocolate, which recipe I get is up to the discretion of my spouse.  He has fallen in love with shakeology and how it makes him feel throughout the day.  Previous to using it he would skip breakfast then pick up some junky type food along the way to work.  He now tells me, and all that will listen, how his energy levels were very low during the day, now that he has a shakeology breakfast shake all that has changed.  He is thinking clearer and feeling more energy, he also reports that his daily workouts are turning out better than ever before.  His weight has come under control and he has lost 20 pounds that he had been struggling to lose for the last 5-10 years, not only has he lost the weight but has maintained the loss for over 5 months.

For me the morning shake has put me on a path I have been trying to reach for some time as well.  The fact that I can see muscle tone in my thighs is a huge accomplishment for me.  Shakeology has helped but Turbo Fire is a huge contributor to that as well, not only am I seeing more muscle tone I am noticing more strength with running and biking.  I bike both outdoors and indoors, indoors I ride a recumbent bike that at one time would wind me on level 2.  Now I can ride on level 6 with power, the hill climbs in level 6 really get my heart pounding and yet not as much as a HIIT training session in Turbo Fire.  For any of you thinking about Turbo Fire I would say do it and don't be afraid thinking you aren't strong enough, you are but many need to be patient and build strength.    (f you are just starting out with your fitness journey there are better options, pm me for details and advice, but if you are already a fit individual you can do it.)  You may need to take breaks at first,  that is okay, be patient with yourself because you will get there.

I am still using a blended program of Turbo Fire and P90X, the two programs together has put me at a level of fitness I never thought I would achieve at my age, which is closer to 50 than 40One thing I tell people who ask me about my fitness and how I got here is that it is never too late to get fit, now is the time to start..  Now is the time to give back to yourself, now is the time to put yourself first, love yourself for who you are then that love flows over to your family and to the other people in your life that are important.  Now is the time to check Turbo Fire  out for yourself, adding Shakeology to your day can also help you along your fitness journey.

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