Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Perfect Meals: A post by Simply Shredded

I was sent the following article to read by a fellow fitness enthusiast which I greatly admire.  This article, written by Chris Aceto, details some meals that the author feels are perfectly designed.  The meal amounts are for a male who is very active and total more than 3,200 calories.  If you like the meal ideas you will need to adjust the serving amount to fit into your calorie range and exercise level.  The article has some excellent tips and thoughts on how to tweak your nutrition to squeeze out the most from what you eat.  Here is an excerpt: 

"The following six meals have one thing in common: They’re perfect. They’re flawless. They’re clean as can be, and they’re ideal because they help you build muscle (provided you’re hitting the gym devotedly), burn fat and promote overall stellar health. And, conveniently, they account for a full day’s worth of great eating."

For the entire article by Chris Aceto click here

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