Friday, November 05, 2010

Turbo Fire 60, my favorite workout, I Love it!!

Hello again, I am back to review another Turbo Fire workout, this time it is Fire 60.  If you follow any of my social media postings, there are a lot of them, you will know this is one of my favorite workouts.  One would think that the length of the workout would make me think twice about saying it is a favorite and yet I do because it motivates me the entire time, it is over before I know it. 

As always, Chalene gets right into the workout with her signature combo punches; a jab, cross, hook, upper cut all done while doing bobs, either single or double and moving forward and back.  Right after the warm up you get into the first series of moves with music that I find fun and funky, the first tune is Run DMC’s “It’s tricky,” the second tune is upbeat remix by Colby O’Donis (w/Akon) called “What you got”  both really make you want to move. The way Chalene handles her choreography makes it easy to follow and learn, you build up to the full length routine as you go along.  First you are punching to the corners, doing twists and step knee ups.  Next, she will have the four twists rotate around the room in clock-like motion.  From there you move into a step throw to ski step then zip-zag knees moving into speed steps and high then high/low kicks, each move is added onto the others until you get the full routine.  Watching the way Chalene moves you can see she isn’t dogging it, the punches are aggressive and the footwork is real.  Once you finish up the routine on the right you repeat the whole thing with the left lead. 

The second series of moves takes off with a remix of Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” this one brings back a lot of good dance memories.   It opens with a triple jab to a ski move, two knees, and reach up/punch down then transitions to a quick ski move addition.  The next series is a quick transition to jab/cross/hook/up 3.5 times two jumps then fire throws which is repeated then done with the left lead.  At the 38 minute point you move into to the first one minute fire drill, repeated twice; run up, run wide, jacks, air jacks, double squats with a jump, leap right/left, ski, double jack with air tucks then you are done.   I can say that after you complete a HIIT fire drill you need the one minute to get your heart rate and breathing under control.
The third set is a double bob punch then step roundhouse to double front kick back kick knee followed by a quick foot move I love, heels; single, single double then a jump.  Why do I love the heel? Perhaps it is because you can catch your breath a bit doing a funky sexy hip swiveling move that makes me feel great.  From there you work your way to the full combo of clock work to the front then side a jab knee to double upper cuts finishing with triple punches both right and left, again this is repeated on the left lead.  With a smooth transition, Akon’s “Bonanza Belly Dancer” starts up signaling the Ab speed bag work followed by crosses, step upper cuts the next move added is the moving side punch.  You are going deep, tucking the pelvis in and hitting your punches high to get the full impact of the workout, Chalene reminds you often to think of your knees and follow good form.   The next tune, perhaps it is C&C Music Factory’s “Here We Go Now,” loved it then as much as I do the next series of moves!  It is clockwork to the front then the one two front punch with a one two side punch followed by a neat right left bouncy ski hop,  a short follow up routine leaving you wanting more. 
Heart rate says: Call 911.. I kid..

Fire drill number two starts right out of the box with a challenge; the running man, a very simple but effective move, from there it is the double knee up then run step with a jack air tuck followed by a jumping high low then you punch high and low to finish.

The workout finishes with two finale sets that continue your heart pounding pump and burn.  Cross punches, zig zag knee to twists then jab/blocks followed by a high low, at the end she adds a double sided front then back kick.  Like in previous sets you start with two moves and repeated two to four times, then continue adding moves until you reach the complete routine, once you have the completed routine you repeat the whole set 2-4 times, the series starts up anew when you start working the left side.

The last finale, she says is easy, the music cues playing an electronic beat “This is your Last Chance,” it is your last burn for the workout.   Double bob punches to single leg up punches, repeated, high low punches on both sides are added, next cross punch knee ups to finish up, which come at a time when you don’t think you have it to give. 

At last the cool down and stretch series begins with punching series you used during the warm up along with some stretching.   This workout will give you a burn in the upper range, for me it is around 750 calories but that is a variable calculation as it changes each time you do the workout and is different from person to person.   During the cool down Chalene mentions that the workout equals a 6-7 mile run, that is no joke, I agree but personally feel it equals a 7 mile run but only if your run is cross country that includes hills and obstacle course along the way.

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