Thursday, December 16, 2010

Workout Update.. My Journey

 I did Chest Shoulders and Triceps from P90X Wednesday morning, I was supposed to do it Tuesday but ran out of time. Wednesday afternoon I was scheduled for Plyo but instead did Insanity Cardio Circuit and must say I found a challenge. It started right out with the warm up that transitioned in the first circuit and was repeated two more times. After that intense warm up the nice long stretch routine was much appreciated!! I don't even remember how many various circuits there are but I did get the whole thing done, thank goodness for the pause button.. What is up with those ski-abs, holey moley are those tough, of course after exhausting my arms this morning it was that much harder holding my body up. I think with time I will certainly gain more control over this workout but it will take time..

I was surprised that I was able to do as much as I did actually. I pushed pause a few times and let my heart rate come down a bit and to catch my breath. I could do each of the interval routines with the exception of the basketball series and those ski abs  stunnednanner2 thud. That routine starts with a squat hoop toss move then drop to a plank to do 4 pushups and an 8 rep plank run then the ski abs and still in plank you pull your knees in the go back to planks. I had to pause each time when doing those ski abs.. killer!! Each exercise in the rotation is 30 seconds long and he repeats each series three times building up in speed each time..

A group of friends have decided to do a P90X~Insanity hybrid after the first of the year.  We have a thread started to support and motivate each other through the process.  I can say the thought of doing such an intimidating program has given my pause but I know when I hit the road running I will be happy to have built up some extreme cardio health.. 

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