Friday, March 18, 2011

Fight Against Government Flab Is Personal for These Politicians –

I love reading articles about people getting fit, it really excites me to see that the military has taken notice of the challenge that P90X program, which trainer Tony Horton, designed for Beachbody. Tony Horton has worked with the military before, which I wrote about on this blog previously, he also travels around the globe to work with troops as seen here in this Stars and Stripes article written by Grant Okubo.

Reading the Wall Street Journal article, written by Elizabeth Williamson and Patrick O’Connor, was very informative. Learning that this program was used by and recommended to others by a Green Beret and a Navy SEAL, well that says a lot about the workout and how much it is appreciated. A snippet from the article can be read below:

“Mr. Ryan started on P90X two years ago after two buddies—a Green Beret and a Navy SEAL—recommended it. Mr. McCarthy saw Mr. Ryan doing the workout and asked to join him, as did others. This fall, the new GOP in-crowd strutted its buff stuff on the campaign trail, waking hotel guests with the travel version of the workout—a frenzied mix of jumping, push-ups, pull-ups, weight training and 300 punishing abdominal moves.”

click here to read the entire article.

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