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One of the most common questions I am asked is how, when and what to eat to get better results from training.  This question is very complex as each person's dietetic needs vary based on their body composition and personal health considerations and also in which way they are training.  There is not cut and dry answer due to the variants involved which is why so many people struggle with

I found this nice article by that helps to explain a lot about eating coupled with training basics.  The article mentions the antioxidant Quercetin and while I am familiar with most antioxidants I wasn't with this so I did a quick google search to determine its origin and will give more detail about below.

I like how the author, Hana A. Feeney, MS, RD, CSSD, details the differences of the protein to explain the pro-inflammatory vs. anti-inflammatory benefits and then give nutrition ideas.  She does mention Xood,  of course I googled, which is touted as an all natural endurance training product.  I am not an endurance athlete myself so I use something called Shakeology, that is also all natural, but contains more protein plus pre/probiotics, antioxidants and phytonutrients.  That being said lets take that look at Quercetin shall we....  

  • What I found out about Quercetin is that it is derived from plants such as fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains.  In an article by Wikipedia Quircetin mentions the American Cancer society has promoted this antioxident as being effective against a wide variety of diseases, which is always encouraging.  Some of the foods that contain Quircetin are: leafy green vegetables, apples, onions (red even moreso), red grapes, tomatoes (organic variety tests show increased percentages), citrus fruits, broccoli, many berries plus green and black teas. 

  • While doing a google search I also stumbled upon, which as you know is another source that I will check for information; this is what LiveStrong has to say about Quercetin.  I reviewed the list of foods that contain Quercetin compared to what I consume in my daily Shakeology blend and now can add one more benefit of consuming my daily smoothie.

Click this link to read this article by titled: Why Every Athlete Needs a Nutrition Training Plan

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