Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogger Review: Discovering Bizchickblogs

Blogger Review: Discovering Bizchickblogs
Image Via: BizChicksBlogs
Right off the bat I find the site for BizChicksBlogs visually appealing with a crisp layout. Their posts are neatly organized and topped with a slider that showcases the premier articles. The header area has many options for finding information about the site and what they are about. At the very top you can find a detailed archive page, plus an entire page dedicated to their RSS reed and also locate the community and contributors. In the header menu you will find links to articles sorted by category, I am excited as I can see that I have a lot of interesting reading to do in what I am discovering to be an excellent resource for this chicklet.
I was really interested in the community pages as it describes who they are and how to become active with their group. Submitting your RSS feed, commenting on posts, interacting on Twitter or Facebook, reviewing their content on your blog or sending feedback posts to them are all suggested ways to get involved.
The exciting part is that once you have become active with this group you can qualify for either reader of the month or featured contributor.
~ The featured contributor will have their original work, along with a bio, avatar and IRL displayed site wide.
~ The reader of the month comes from comments and interaction, they win a $10 Amazon gift card.
These are all excellent avenues for getting yourself noticed in the blogging community while learn a lot of new and interesting things. As I look through this site my mind is filling full of ideas on what I need to do with my own blog to make it more appealing for my readers.
Also on the contributor page you learn about the BlogFrog, joining in this area also links you to bloggers with an option to install a chat widget on your site, this makes your blog more interactive and engaging for your reader.
This is a fantastic blog for any woman, the categories are all very appealing and relevant. Not only can you read about health and fitness but you can also update your style, get travel tips, discover restaurants and recipes, read their business section and learn the latest about technology. While this is a site dedicated to women, you can also find a category titled “he says” which gives men a voice as well.
Curiosity peaked, I searched the page for the link to join and become involved, I found it in the footer section and quickly checked that out as well. I have to say this site is noticeably professionally done, everything is clearly laid out and yet easy to follow and read. The join page details their expectations and guidelines for joining and contributing to their site. You must have a Gravatar, have original content and permission to use all images shown on your posts. The section discussing photo usage approval even includes tips for finding free photos to use and/or how to get proper permission. You must be a chick to be syndicated with BizChicksblogs, sorry fellas, yet men can contribute under the “he says” section, men can’t be syndicated.
So this is my first impression of BizChicksBlogs, I hadn’t heard of the site before I became involved with the BlogEngage contest but now that I have found it I am sure that I will be spending a lot of time there. Finding this resource for information comes at a time when I have been looking to reduce clutter in my home, reduce my waste stream and search for online content. I feel that BizChicksBlogs offers just that, I am getting a vibe of online magazine geared towards women, something that I have been searching for and now feel that I have found.
If you haven’t already taken the time to read BizChicksBlogs then I would highly recommend it as their content is worth your time.

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