Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I must say I haven't spent time contributing to online blogs, read them yes, contribute no. I have a confession to make, lately I have been active in an online fitness blog which has changed my views. This blog is being used by a bunch of ladies who are trying to change eating habits and weight issues. I can't tell you how much motivation a person gets being involved in this. When I thought about posting my daily routine and eating habits I could clearly see how I had been deceiving myself for so long. I had been a "lurker" on the blog for months until finally I broke down and blogged in. Now it seems that I am following along with vigor and my health has benefited from this. You can't help but get emotionally attached to the people that you read about. Finding joy in their accomplishments and offering support when they are struggling for with fitness and personal issues. Not all of the women are fitness oriented, some are 80lbs+ overweight and just starting out others have been at it for some time and have lost unimaginable amounts already. This is a group that refers to themselves as family and truly is starting to feel that way.

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