Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday was pleasant regarding the weather. We decided to go for a bike ride to Joe's Snack bar and get a creamy without using a the highly traveled route 15. This trip required that we not only use the Saxon Hill trail system but would need to forge a trail to Skunk Hollow road. After a few setback we finally found our destination, rode to Joe's and ate our creamy. I was looking at the printed google earth maps when another rider came up and commented that it was a great idea to print them out as a guide, I had to agree with him. The above map shows the tracking uploaded from my GPS device to google maps. We got sidetracked a bit but discovered a few options to improve the time and travel for the next creamy run. The trip was 5.5 miles out and 5.75 back due to some additional explorations on the return trip.

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