Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recovering from a weekend of bad nutrition

We traveled about a week and a half ago, during that trip my eating wasn't anything like it normally is.  If I had been more proactive I could certainlty have been better but because we shared a rented house it was easier to eat all together.  It didn't take long for the results of the poor nutrition to start to show as bloating and general malaise.  Initially I thought it might be due to water retention but two days after I cleaned up my diet and increased my hydration the ponchy stomach was still there.  Today is the first morning that I notice the change back to my flatter stomach, nine days after my last bad meal.  Nine days seems to be a long time but then how much damage must I have done to my digestion to keep the bloat going.  My breakfast of yogurt, granola and fruit hadn't changed but the remaining meals certainly did.  The worse thing that I believe I ate was the chowder as it was creamed and very salty.  The fact that I might have killed off some of the good bacteria which impacted digestion I find interesting but not something I want to reexamine anytime soon.

DAILY WORKOUT:  One on One, Core Ball Sandwich

Yesterday was my rest day but also a $1000 dollar Wowy day, I threw in an exercise just the same.  With all that bloating I felt I needed it. 

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