Friday, October 09, 2009

Pieces of the Past

I have been extremely consistent with my nutrition and fitness, lately as I dress I can see changes which I like.  One change, however, reminds me of a past moment in time that my family recalls with a laugh and no second thought.

It is a simple story really and goes on to say that as a young girl I had become upset over the fact they hadn't cleaned the chimney in a few years, the only heat came from wood in our house.  I became upset after hearing a story about a family who lost both babies to a house fire while they worked the farm.  I would need to go up the ladder I went with at least 15ft of heavy gauge chain to drop down the chimney and swirled it around the next step would be to go to the basement and finish up..

I first went up to the chimney to have a good look at the task at hand then went back down to get the chain.   Going up the roof was a chore due to the snow so I was on the original path as my first time to the peak of the roof, I thought it would be easier. As I neared the chimney and reached up to grab it  I started sliding, the original path had become frozen in the snow.   I quickly gained speed towards the ladder due to the chain; my brain was working OT.  I dropped the chain then somehow caught the ladder as I tried to kick it out of my way.  So now I am catapulting over the snow covered flowerbed; this is good because some of the plants have wooden and metal stakes.  I landed with the ladder under my right butt cheek on my back where I lie for a few moments.  As I was catching my breath my mind was going over all the things I had done wrong.  Right away I would count off three critical errors that I still remember to this day, I learned a lot from this experience.  Luckily a storm had just dropped about 8 inches of snow on the ground to cushion the blow but the scar from the ladder remains as a reminder..

Like I would forget..

Oh the funny part of the story, to my family at least, it seems they all missed seeing me fly through the air as I dropped right in front of the picture window for all to see had they been looking or cared.  Of course when I finally came to, after lying on my back in the snow for what seemed like forever, I was not in a very good mood.   I stormed through the house spewing venom and groaning in pain.  Keep in mind that I am maybe 15 years old weighing about a hundred pounds at just over 5 feet tall..  Just a wee thing like a pissed off bumble bee.. 

Oh the scar..  Well up until this point in my life it has been two quarter sized indentations in a diagonal line on my right glute.  As I lean out I no longer have two indentations but now a clear indentation at least 5" long diagonally across the right glute..  As I gain muscle and lose bodyfat the scale hardly changes and my measurements aren't changing much either, I will use this as my way to visually gauge my bodyfat percentage.. 

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