Friday, October 09, 2009

“Did You Know…”

  • According to a five-year EPA study, the air in an average American home has chemical contamination levels three to five times greater than outdoor air. The EPA maintains that half of all illnesses occurring in the United States can be attributed to chemical contamination of indoor air. In fact, a 1985 EPA report states that household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air pollution.
  • After analyzing 2,983 chemicals used in personal care products 884 were found to be toxic.
  • According to the National Safety Council, more children under the age of four die of accidental poisonings at home than are accidentally killed with guns at home.
  • We spend 90% of our time indoors, and 65% of our time at home. Moms, infants and the elderly spend 90% of their time at home.
  • National Cancer Association released results of a 15 year study concluding that women who work in the home are at a 54% higher risk of developing cancer than women who work outside the home.
  • Of chemicals commonly found in homes, 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities.
  • According to the American Cancer Society, there has been a 26% increase in cancer over the past two decades.
Here are just a few of the dangers that may be in your home;

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