Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fat Kids = Fat Profits Via "The Fitness Nerd" Steve Edwards.

Get a load of the results of this study out of the University of California-Davis regarding food advertising on television.

"Out of 5,724 commercials recorded, 1,162 were food-related, with 91.2% of food promotions in English, and 8.7% in Spanish. Only 1 commercial was bilingual. Overall, nearly 1 in 5 advertisements was for a food or nutrition-related product, with 5.2 food advertisements presented every hour. Fast-food restaurants, sugary food, chips/crackers, and sugar-added beverages collectively accounted for more than 70% of food commercials; 34% were for ''food on the run,'' fast-food restaurants and convenience food."

I like this guys writing style and I think you will too. Here is a link to this blog entry but take time to view his other writings as well.

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