Tuesday, November 10, 2009

“Under-Training Syndrome”

Many people have heard of ‘overtraining syndrome’ which is a real problem with a lot of negative consequences. Overtraining syndrome occurs usually when people are training frequently, at very high intensities without adequate rest and recovery. Symptoms of overtraining can include constant soreness and pain, insomnia, headaches, decrease in training intensity, depression, lack of appetite and an increase in the incidence of injury. Overtraining is real and should be addressed.

The good news is, other than some of my high level athletes and a few “insanely, hard working personal training clients” I haven’t seen much overtraining. Good programming and coaching can ensure that most people do not fall into this trap.

With that all said, I think I have uncovered a new “syndrome” that is affecting people much more frequently than ‘overtraining’ ever has. Under-training, while not a real and dangerous condition, can have a negative affect on results, self-esteem and any real progress in the fitness world.

Too many people to count suffer from Under-training these days. Under-training occurs mostly when people lack the following:  

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Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Your so right on this! I see too many people just going through the motions, why bother?

If your going to work your body put as much passion into it as you do your family,hobbies,and work.

Great blog!