Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Week 2009,

Cramming in as many visits with family and friends in a two week period, yeah you know the drill.  Each home has a few fresh baked goodies to great you, some with toddies to boot.  I am not complaining either because that is the tradition of the holiday.  I do indulge on the holidays but have learned that once the holiday is over so is the indulgence, unfortunately I am in the minority with my thinking.   

Not everyone has the same point of view about these dessert/treat items.   During the holiday I had a conversation regarding just that fact.  In conversation I mentioned that the holiday is over, the cookies/pies/cakes are gone and that is it.  The response I heard in return was that you HAD to have dessert after dinner daily like it is a staple.   When did this become a requirement to a meal and why the addition of fats and sugary carbs is the end of a big meal that is already full of calorie dense foods.  I believe this is due to the availability of the ingredients to absolutely everyone at a real low price.   Instead of having a cake at your birthday being a big event it is now no big deal to have it daily since there is cake on the counter all the time.  

The availability of just about everything to just about everyone has diluted the importance or meaning of the events they used to signify.  Desserts were served after special occasion or in celebration and mark a happy event.  Now people tend to feel that they need to have desserts daily and why wait for a special event,lets just celebrate today and everyday.  So now we treat ourselves daily but life has become so automated that we don't have the same physical needs to complete daily tasks.  Calorie intakes are up and physical activity is down, obesity is up and so are occurrences of medical conditions related to obesity.  For 2010 and beyond I hope to reach out and help educate as many people as I can to make see the direction they are leading themselves and hopefully help them to become healthier. 

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