Saturday, January 02, 2010

Refocusing my energy..

 When I posted my last blog entry in November I had so much energy, the drive to remain focused on nutrition through the holidays and share it with everyone was high.   I remained fairly committed to my goal of eating well but didn't log my nutrition, I certainly didn't share with everyone.    Of course I know why I didn't, because doing so puts it in black and white, in reality I didn't want to admit that I might be slipping.    I little taste here, one more there, oh this meal won't count..  Yeah I used all the excuses but no more...  The day after Christmas I reined myself right back in, only because we have a tropical trip coming otherwise who knows. 

I haven't implemented it yet as I am organizing all the scrapes of paper with notes and articles ripped out of magazines.   That was the first goal of the weekend, right after getting the holiday things put away.  So today I am reworking my calendar of daily tasks to be printed and placed in plain site.  On that calendar I can see my workouts, nutrition and housework tasks.   Not having the mental responsibility of remembering and organizing all that in my head removes much of the pressure of getting it done.  When the list of daily "to do's" gets bigger I find that I get panicky thinking I will forget something, that is not a good feeling.  I do like crossing off tasks on the calendar is the best feeling, soon I will experience it again.   The dining room table has things stacked around me as I am mid task, wish me luck.. be continued... 

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