Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reaching Goals

Right now I have a goal in mind, like many times before it is the preparation for a beachside vacation.  This one event will help me to knock down my bad habits in an effort to keep me feeling good about how I look in my bathing suit.  Right now that is my driving factor but I always have something to work towards, something to keep me on track.  

I have been using P90X and in 2009 completed two full 90 day rounds with fantastic results.  Not that I had a lot of weight to lose or was completely out of shape but instead saw changes I hadn't seen before.  Those changes have been in my legs and finally I can see where the fat layer has slowly burned out.  I still have a lot to go as I had developed this layer over a lifetime and will need patience to burn it off.  As of this morning I can see the faintest hint of muscle under my skin, that one thing is so exciting to me after a lifetime of carrying my weight from the waist down.  I certainly hope to see continued development and have devoted a little more time to burning out the fat on my legs.

As most of my readers know before P90X I lifted but with routines I made up, routines that had become stale.  Right now I am not doing a regimented round of the X, as it is called in some circles, instead I am doing the lifting portions.  I started this week with chest and back, yesterday for cardio I rode my recumbant bike and today will be shoulders and arms.  Tomorrow I wil do another of my cardio workouts the next day will be legs, right now I use the a few of the leg lifts from legs and back then do Brazilian Butt Lift's Bum Bum for my leg workout. The remainder of the week will be cardio, yoga, stretching and abwork.   I like this plan for the variation as I have many cardio DVD's and pop in whatever workout fits my mood for the day.  It might be a yoga booty ballet or Turbo Jam perhaps a ride on the recumbant bike or one of the many Tony Horton cardio routines depending on my available time.

That is what I have put together for this week's routine and loving it, actually looking forward to the workouts. 

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