Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hawaii Trip (Day 5) Polihale State Beach

After leaving Spouting Horn we continued to make our way west along state Hwy 50 or Kaumualii Hwy.  The ride was mostly inland with views of the countryside and mountains off in the distance.  Soon we were passing the Russian Fort Elizabeth State park and then the town of Waimea.  There is a scenic overlook along this route that was our first glimpse into the future of our day trip and looked up the Waimea canyon.  It was decided that we would take the State Hwy to the end before coming back for our canyon tour.  As we drove along the Kekaha Beach Park and saw many people out enjoying the day but continued on as we had our own beach destination in mind, one more secluded.   Next we passed the Barking Sands Pacific Missile Range and airport, this looked to be a busy and bustling place. 
(the photo on the right is leaving the park)
At what seems like the end of State Hwy 50 a sign popped up on the left indicating the turn towards Polihale Beach park.  I had read about this road being rough and at times unpassable but it looked dry and we were in a jeep afterall.  Of course we pushed onward and soon we found ourselves on a very rutted bumpy dirt road, I loved the ride as it was just the type of adventure I enjoyed.  The scenery to the right was the beginning of the Napoli Coastline and to the left what appeared to be an extra large sand dune with lots of vegetation growing on it, every now and again you would get a glimpse of the ocean just on the other side of the dune.  We were temped to pull off the road early but instead continued on the full 5 miles to the very end and to the Polihale State Park.

As soon as we arrived we knew we were in for a treat as the sands were nearly empty and the beach was expansive.  Off in the distance you could see a few people laid out on the beach, in a protected area a group of tents were set up and a child was playing in the sand.  We spoke to the group and asked a few questions about the area as they prepared their morning meal of coconut and fish.  Soon we were walking out to the water and across the large beachfront.  The sands were loose so we walked along the trail of an atv that had passed some time ago, a glimmer caught my eye.  Stooping over I find a camera that had been driven over, I was sure it wouldn't be working but to my shock it was so I view the photos to see if I could find the owner.  Unfortunately the person who lost the camera had been on the beach two days before we arrived and were no place to be found and from another country as well.  This group had an excellent time driving up and around the dunes, we enjoyed their travel vicariously through their videos..
 Sitting on this beautiful beach was something special, watching people off in the distance trying to catch waves, the color of the water against the contrast of the steep mountains that drop off into the sea.  The feelings of peace here is amazing and if you get the chance to go be sure to pack a lunch and lots of fluids as the closest store is a long drive away down that bumpy rutted road.  Once you arrive here you will not want to leave any time soon..

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