Friday, May 14, 2010

Random acts of kindness

I put a lot of time into my gardens every year and enjoy the process.  One year while after doing hour after hour of back breaking work as I watched my neighbors enjoying themselves on the bike path that runs by our home I wondered why I continued on.  I wanted to be biking, hiking and just being out doors and to just sit and read a book while listening to the birds.  I was questioning why I committed myself to the arduous chore of maintaining all these plants, after all, I told myself, is wasn't like anyone really noticed.   It is odd how the world works because a few days later I find this in my mailbox, like a message from the universe, someone had committed a random act of kindness at just the time when I was contemplating giving up the gardens..  I keep this taped to my dressing mirror as a constant reminder to keep working towards your goals even when you think people don't seem appreciate your efforts, they do. 

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