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Thrive in 30 (30 days to Optimum health and vitality Via Brendan Brazier)

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My husband has been reading a series of articles by Brendan Brazier, professional triathlon athlete, who's articles promise to improve your knowledge of fitness and nutrition within 30 days.  Brendan writes that at the age of 15 he began working towards his goal of being a triathlete, he fully embraced the lifestyle.  His initial training began by absorbing as much as he could from elite and mid level athletes, he now shares some of these lessons along with his life experiences in this series.  You can sign up for his newsletters by going to his "Thrive in 30" website.

A few quotes from the first newsletter in the series, I really like the direction he is bringing this series.

"The most significant difference I found between the upper-echelon elites and the moderately-performing athlete had little to do with trainingit was almost all about recovery. 

I discovered, diet has the single greatest impact on recovery. In fact, food choices can account for up to 80 percent of the total recovery process.

Through trial and error, I discovered that with the perfect combination of the rightfoods, it was possible to achieve incredible levels of fitness that went far beyond what I could have achieved on a regular diet. This perfect combination evolved for me in the form of a whole food, plant-based diet.  Via Brendan Brazier

  • The following five habits are the tools that will make it easier to get the most from this program—they’ll help you succeed if you develop and follow them consistently:
  1. Eat throughout the dayeating several small meals helps maintain energy levels, eases digestive strain and spreads nutrients to sustain you all day
  2. Drink a nutritious smoothie each dayyou’ll get whole food nutrition that’s easy on your digestive system and provides lasting energy
  3. Eat a big green salad every daythese are a staple when eating to thrive (you’ll learn why over the next 30 days)
  4. Eat a raw energy bar every daythey’re an easy way to pack nutrition into a convenient, easy to carry form
  5. Eat a substantial, balanced afternoon snackyou’ll get the nutrition you need so you won’t be famished when it comes to your evening meal ~ Brendan Brazier"

This is a series well worth reading, Brendan is a vegan yet he mentions that even if you do not have the intention to go vegan you still can learn some very important lessons from reading his reports.  I hope you visit his Thrive in 30 site and read what he has to say.  

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