Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hawaii Trip (Day 5) Waimea Canyon Tour

Once we got our fill of the view at Koke'e State Park overlook we started our journey back down to ocean level.  First we wanted to stop and visit the Koke'e State Park museum and then get a bite to eat.  The museum offers a wonderful view into the history of the island with well laid out displays detailing the history of the Kauai along with its inhabitants.  Many of the indigenous plants and animals are on display, they also detail the invasive plants with a bit of history or theory as to how they arrived on the island.  We also made a few purchases from the store to capture a few memories of our time on this beautiful island.


After our time in the museum we stopped at small camp store and eatery.  As one might imagine, a place so far off the beaten path, the offerings are not extensive.  We order our sandwiches which was nothing elaborate but filled a void.  While we ate a family enjoyed the attention the of resident chickens, of course these chickens know that people equal food and flock to people at the picnic table in the same way you would expect sea gulls at the beach. 

At 4000 feet this rooster gets prime views from any roost.

Soon it was time to start our drive back down the mountain and the more relaxing part of the drive.  This time I was on the opposite side and not looking at the steep drop offs or places where the land as fallen away and guard rails floated free of their earthy confines.  I did take a video on the ride down, I wish I had extended my arm out a bit more and cleaned the windshield but it is what it is.  At the end of the video you really get a feel of the layout of the mountain drive and how the road is literally perched along the top of the ridgeline, Enjoy... 

A few photos captured from the video trip down the mountain..

When we returned to our resort we went for a stroll along the beach and saw all the sights you might imagine for Hawaii, that is our next post..  stay tuned.

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