Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Snippets

  • Salads are wonderful when you keep an eye on the toppers and use a simple dressing.  Take out salads can be higher in calories than their meatier counterparts.  Check out this list of bad salad choices by "Eat This Not That".
  • Are you experiencing extreme chapped lips?  It is reported in Men's Health that Hydrocortisone reduces inflammation.  Use 3-4 times a day, after application cover an unflavored lip balm with moisture control.
  • Four years in a row Vermont is ranked the healthiest state in the union. Qualifiers are access to medical care, prenatal care, insurance and 22 other areas.

  • I just read an article about how making casual observations that you believe can change how things are done even when you are bucking common trends can be wonderful.  Please read "Bring the outliers inside" from Ode magazine and see how people are making positive changes.
  • A local writer takes on a CSA for a year to see how she does eating local farmer products.  This will be an interesting venture to follow.  See Farm Fed by Sally Pollak
  • Living in Vermont proves to be, yet again, easier to be green as our state comes in first place for being Greenest State in America.

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