Monday, December 20, 2010

Mother Earth News Garden Planner

I've just started reading the recent issue of Mother Earth News and pleased to try out and explore the new Garden Planner.  The first step is to set up a quick account, decide if you want email reminders that include planting tips, hints and a reminder to actually plant at the appropriate times, excellent idea!!  Once you register you will get an activation code sent to your email address, next you enter your zip code, your frost dates are placed on your personal calendar and you have other options including if you want perennial updates as well as vegetables.

Once you get the preliminary information entered you will enter the size and type of space you are planning.  My first project will be the vegetable garden for 2011, which included some perennial vegetables like Asparagus.   I am just now setting my gardens up and will update you as to the time it takes to set up the plan and ease of using their new planner.  I see that they offer a lot of tutorials and a great help section for me to view, like most people I will just right into the planner only to read the instructions later.. 

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