Monday, February 14, 2011

Insanity Beat me Up...

The first of January I started month one of Insanity and overall I feel I did okay with it but I will  not lie about it being one tough workout, it is killer.  The way I did it was hybridize it with the P90X and did insanity for all the cardio portions of the P90X work plan.  I finished up round 7 of P90X on the 30th of January and hadn’t restarted any lifting as I was challenged to do the second month of Insanity solid on its own.

Here is what happened; Insanity is sucking the life out of me, no lie.  I will say that I am building stamina and also am leaner than I have ever been in my life but I can’t do month two of Insanity on its own just yet, I am not ready at all.  I need to do month one all over again and not solid but dabbling in it like I did in January.   I realized that I was getting even more depressed over the fact that I couldn’t do a complete workout, either I paused it and the workouts lasted almost two hours or I let it run and skipped the middle set of each three part grouping. I tried an Insanity/RevAbs combo to try and lighten it up but that wasn't enough.  RevAbs is a great workout and much lighter than Insanity for sure but it was taking a couple days for my body to recover after an Insanity workout..

I was also missing my weight training something fierce so had to decide between starting round 8 of P90X or Chalean Extreme, this morning I did Burn Circuit one.  Getting over SAD’s is tough, CLX (Chalean Extreme) is a 30 minute workout vs. 50 minutes for P90X; this seems the best for me at this time as I am also back in college so my time is rather limited.  

I had a heart to heart about this with a client of mine who is doing Insanity straight through on its own and he said that he had to restart month one twice his first time through so I don't feel too bad about it but still, I like to be a warrior not a wuss.

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Trainer T.s Fitness said...

I did it for 30 days, and put it away.
Its alot of the same moves over and over and I got bored with the whole bootcamp style workout.

Your not a whimp, you RAWK!