Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gluten Free: How too much of any good thing is still bad

For as long as I can remember people have clammered over each other for the answer to why people gain weight and more importantly, how to lose it most effectively.  We have seen all kinds of studies and tests to determine the culprit to our nations obesity epidemic.  Then after a few years and a few more studies, tests and reports later the latest greatest will be under dispute, it is a never ending cycle, that isn't my point however.   You don't need to read articles to know that something new has been discovered, walking through a grocery store and you will notice processed food labels touting the latest catch phrase.  Right now gluten free is the word of the day, you can't open the paper or magazine without reading something about it and how it will or will not help you.  Recently I read a nice article along the same lines I was thinking regarding this latest catch phrase weight loss tool, it was in Men's Health called "Is Gluten Making Us Fat?"  The "gluten free" phrase will no doubt generate sales but like fat free or sugar free product if you eat too much of anything then you will gain weight, moderation is the key ingredient to weight control.

More about the gluten free 2011 weight loss phrase du jour.. 

Click here to read Men's Health called "Is Gluten Making Us Fat?"

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