Friday, October 02, 2009

A sad day spent pulling up the garden.

The day started with cutting down the asparagus then starting a new heap style compost pile.  Our bunnies will love me this winter as they have a twigs pile beside the compost pile to play in.  They leave fertilizer pellets behind of the fully digested material so they are welcome to the task.  In the winter months the bunnies line up under the bird feeder for a quick meal; but I digress.  
The whole garden is clean now and the repurposed plant pot protectors stacked up for the winter.   All the tomato cages are cleaned and stacked, I need to remember to disinfect them in the spring.  I finished cleaning up the 25 foot square garden I moved on to the front of the house to trim the Black Eyed Susans and flame 200ft of weeds.  It was a good day when I came in the house to find my son cooking a healthy dinner.. ahh life is good.  

 Gardeners know what I am talking about here.  Spending 6 hours of lunging, lifting and squatting  stacks of plant debris is a big job.  Step back lunges, yeah I did those.  Forward bends, pull ups, I did a lot of moves this afternoon. 


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