Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where does your water come from?

At our house we drink water out of the tap without worries.  Perhaps because the a water district that serves our home has achieved an accolade that only 4 districts in the nation has reached.  Not only are have they reached this ranking but they are the only water district in the nation to do it ten years in a row or since the award was put in place.  Champlain Water District

When we visit our friends in various parts of the country we typically are advised to either drink bottled water or from a water cooler.  This always seems so foreign to me and I wish every town could have safe drinking water.

The whole bottled water program seems like such a waste from the creating the plastic bottle, shipping and processing to the empty bottles cluttering the landfills.  I find it mind boggling that we pay more money for water than we do for gasoline.  Bottled water does a place in our world but not for everyday use.

How do you choose which bottled water to choose from, popular mainstream water like Evian or FIGI or something more local to your area.  I feel better about water that is bottled locally with a lower shipping cost.  The other added advantage is that by purchasing local water you are keeping your money in your own country.  Ironically the two most popular brands of bottled has to be shipped from the other side of the world.  If you are interested in a little reading material regarding FIJI  

So I ask you, where does your water come from?

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Trainer T.s Fitness said...

I buy bottled water, I can track what I drink and I like it better. I would love to have Canyon water put in my house in the future.