Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 Ways to Get Off a Weight Loss Plateau - (Via:That's Fit)

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I read this great article this morning regarding breaking a weight loss plateau. I wanted to share this with everyone as it is something we all go through from one time or another, this article has some excellent points..

Here is a blurb....

"There is nothing more frustrating than when you have been cruising along doing everything right, losing weight steadily and BAM!, suddenly the brakes slam on and your weight doesn't budge for days, weeks and, eventually, more than a month. It's tempting to give up and walk away -- straight toward the fridge. But nearly everyone who attempts to drop pounds -- even doing it the right way by going slowly and making moderate changes -- will experience hitting the weight loss wall at some point. Experts theorize that as your body adjusts to eating and burning habits, it reaches a new set point weight and decides to settle there.

Surprisingly, there's little research on weight loss plateaus. Not surprisingly, there's plenty of advice about how to get past one. Let me offer you five methods I think are worth considering. Try them all separately, in some combination or all at once, and see what works for you.

click this link to read the 5 methods they suggest to break the plateau..
5 Ways to Get Off a Weight Loss Plateau - That's Fit

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