Sunday, July 25, 2010

My workout routines into the future.

While I love doing Turbo Fire and the HIIT training I still need to get my weight training in.  I followed the Turbo Fire program by the book for the first 4 weeks and yet still added strength training on the HIIT days using P90X or one on one.  Now that I have these 4 weeks under my belt the balance of the the Turbo Fire rotations will be done along with P90X, a week without the the X is a week without sunshine..

So without further ado I give you my rotation..  I hope to not offend anyone using the Sculpt or Tone workouts but I can't strength train with rubber bands, it just isn't who I am, after years of being an iron worker I that is how I need to train..  My plan is to work the X in alternating the first week with.. chest & back, shoulders & arms and legs & back the following week I will do chest, shoulders & arms, back and biceps and my own leg routine as seen here (go to legs J).  The plan is to swap out the sculpt and tone with the P90X lifting workouts, taking out one of the fire workouts for the last lifting routine.  This plan will give me three lift days, one ab/yoga day and still will allow me to do four Turbo Fire cardio workouts.  The best of both worlds I tell ya..

So that is my plan and I am sticking to it, for the next four weeks anyhow.  After looking at the 20 week Turbo Fire plan I notice that there isn't one planned week off and find that to be a bit much for an ambitious workout schedule such as this.  I don't want to induce burnout or over-train and my thinking is that I would use the P90X rest week after every four weeks then re-evaluate my plan and tweak it accordingly..  So, results are pending and I will keep you up to date on how I feel on my new workout plan.

For more information on Turbo Fire or to check out pricing click here:  Turbo Fire


D Lauer said...

I am familiar with HIIT training, but I haven't heard of Turbo Fire. Could you explain what that is. Your website looks great. Keep up the good work.

J J said...

It is a workout program lead by Chalene Johnson and put out by Beach Body, the makers of P90X. The basic set has 11 DVD's with 12 workouts which are a combination of not only HIIT training but cardio, yoga stretch, core, and resistance training as well. The set comes with and excellent nutrition plan and a few different schedules to follow. You can also get a deluxe set which has 5 extra workouts on 4 DVD's.

Click the link to the left to look at the program if you would like to read the full description. I am not sure if you are familiar with Chalene Johnson and her Turbo Fire workouts but this definitely kicks it up a notch or two and burns some serious calories, I would certainly recommend it.