Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Debunking the cookie diet (Via Men's health)

photo via cookiediet.com 

We have all read the headlines while waiting in the checkout lines, you know the which ones I am talking about right.  These headlines try to get your attention with salacious promises like "Eat all you want and still lose weight" or this one "The Cookie Diet" to shed pounds while eating junk foods.  Sadly many misinformed people buy into this mistaken belief that they can lose weight by not changing the eating habits that created their weight gain in the first place.  These magazines sell because people don't want to face the fact that if you want your body to change you have to change how you are treating your body by making changes towards a healthy style of eating that you will be able to maintain long term.

I just read this great article about the cookie diet, its premise and really want to share this information with you.  Please don't take this post as me backing this diet as I feel that it is the wrong approach to long term weight loss.

I noticed that at one point during the interview Maria Master, an editor from Men's Health, describes her experience on the diet by saying that by mid afternoon she has only consumed 240 calories and feels like she is underwater or drowning.  She is frustrated by the lack of food and can't wait to get to her dinner of a 500-700 calories salad even though she knows it will not be satisfying.  Considering that the diet keeps you at 1000-1200 calories a day with the majority of those calories in the evening you can imagine that you are consuming very little during the day, this has to have a negative impact on brain function and must facilitate cravings seting in.   This is not a good approach to weight loss, Maria comments that she can't wait for the end of the diet and states "It will be a good weekend" which leads me to believe that binging in response to this diet will occur.  So even if she loses a few pounds on the diet, which may be due to the bowel emptying out, she most likely will regain it quickly over the course of the weekend. Not any cookie will do as you need to purchase a weeks supply of cookies from the Cookie Diet company, this costs $59.95 for 42 cookies, sorry Mr Elf... 

This is a great article, please take a moment to read it in its entirety by clicking here

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