Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Snippets


  • Think twice about the high protein trend! Recent reports indicate that high protein diets rob your body of calcium and weaken bones, this is a concern especially for women. (Livestrong has more) To lose weight and keep it off eat a well balance diet gleaned from whole foods.  
  • Beans, beans the magical fruit: Yes I changed the popular tune and you should too! Beans help reduce LDL cholesterol and are loaded with fiber; they help you maintain a healthy weight which helps ward off many health concerns.  See Eating Well or WebMD for more information.
  • Garlic is a superfood; not just a remedy for vampires: You can wear it around for neck for for a bigger benefit try eating garlic often.  Garlic has a powerful anti-oxidant effect plus it helps your cardiovascular health! See Garlic Central for more on Garlic or from the World's Healthiest Foods.


  • Growing your own garlic:  I grow my own garlic, it is one of the easier plants to manage in the garden.  Depending on the variety you choose you can plant in the spring or fall.  Not only is it good for you but it looks great while growing; with an added benefit of having your own scapes.  For more see:  for extensive info: Boundary Garlic Farm
  • Nature is dropping fertilizer from above:  Carting leaf debris into the ditch or sending them to the landfill in the fall then purchasing fertilizer is crazy.  Nature is placing fertilizer right at your feet all you need to do is learn how to harvest it for yourself.  We mow ours into bits then work into the soil, use some to prevent weeds and compost the rest, it is a bountiful harvest after all.  Here is more information on the subject: The Compost Gardener
  • Everyone loves the aroma of fresh cut herbs: Why limit yourself to the pleasure of fresh herbs during the warm months or have to run to the market.  Grow you own herbs indoors, it is easier than you think plus makes you house seem more like home. How to grow your own herbs at home see: Oregon Live's report

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